4x4RNE Mission Statement

4x4 Response North East exists to preserve and protect life and property, in particular but not exclusively, by providing equipment, vehicles, personnel and other resources in support of and alongside recognised service users and partners during adverse weather events, major incidents and other circumstances when called upon by them to serve the community of the North East of England

4X4 RNE Values

Our purpose is to help the emergency services and affiliated bodies combined with our values which show through as a dependable, trustworthy and hardworking volunteer group.


Years of experience, responding and co-ordinating


Shaun Reed

Chairman and Responder

I joined the volunteers at 4x4RNE in 2009 and since then have been an active member using a number of different vehicles I’ve owned in that time. I was asked if I’d stand for one of the officer roles which I duly did. The membership then voted me in as Vice Chair to work alongside our Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. In December 2019 I took on the role of Acting Chair until the AGM in 2020 where I was voted in as the Chair for 4x4rne.
Being a member of the response is rewarding for me been able help people and to give something back to the local community and further afield when requested by other neighboring groups. 


Kenneth Dawson

Vice Chairman and Responder

I have been part of 4x4 response since 2017, since that time I have integrated as part of the team on call-outs and many other roles. I took on the role of events coordinator in 2018 and took a greater interest in the running of and the management side of the group by shadowing the previous vice chair until I was appointed as the new vice chair.

Being a volunteer, for me is about giving back to my community and helping those that are in need. 4x4 response are there when times, weather, and terrain get tough and for me that’s the challenge I like.




Andrew Brooksbank

Acting Secretary and Responder

I joined 4x4RNE in 2019 in order to participate in a group of like-minded people focused on assisting the community in our area. I was asked to take on the role of Acting Secretary in mid-2021 and was happy to do so in order to help further the aims of our group.



Catherine Swinbank


I joined 4x4RNE in 2018 just after Beast from the East.

As a farmer's daughter I was used to driving in all weathers. As I am now too old to be part of the Young Farmers Federation, I needed to do something where I am part of a team - achieving goals and giving support to others.

Greatest moment so far - driving my motor over the sea saw during a cross boundary training day with Cumbria 4x4.

In 2020 I was asked if I would be club treasurer - well they say" the more you put into something the more you get out" so I accepted.


Stu Storey MCPara, MRCSEd, EMT-F

Training Lead, Coordinator and Responder

I have spent 22 years in the army which has given me a broad spectrum of qualifications and allowed me to serve all around the world including Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo Iraq and Germany as well as others. I am an HCPC registered paramedic working for north east ambulance service for the last 5 years within our region.

I believe that training is the basic fundamentals of safety and knowledge which will allow our responders to respond effectively to all tasks assigned. As the nominated Training Lead I am directly responsible to 4x4 RNE for ensuring this is maintained by overseeing 4x4 RNE training and development activities, To identify training needs, develop effective training programs with other subject matter experts and to ensure all records for responders are Up To Date and also to identify those that need training.


David Anthony

Membership Lead, Coordinator and Responder

I joined the group in 2011 after seeing another vehicle displaying the logo and finding out about the group. The first role other than responder that I formally took on was one of the coordinator roles. Since then I volunteered to take on the membership role in 2020.

4x4RNE is not the only voluntary activity I take part in but it is one that brings a lot of good times. Attending events, marshaling, meeting the members, helping local communities and so much more.